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house in hohenschönhausen 

Renovation of the first floor of a family-house

Hohenschönhausen, Berlin
2022 - ongoing
with Nathalie Esposito and Ugo Felici Giunchi

The renovation of the first floor of a family-house in Hohenschönhausen is an ongoing project which aims to reestablish the lost spatiality of the attic and to create new, more functional spaces.

Priority of the clients was a better use of the area, with the creation of a second bedroom, a studio and a bathroom with a shower.


The spaces at first floor, are also scarsely insulated, presenting different problems both in summer and winter.

The project aims at removing the complicated and inefficient plasterboards covering the roof and exposing the beam structure.


This will give us the chance of recreating a new more efficient insulation but also a completely different space with an enriched quality.


The rooms will also be enlarged, using the lower parts for the creation of custom-made furniture that will ensure a warmer and modern feeling, at the same time creating a perfect chance for extra storage.

Pictures of the space before the renovation