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light of nature

International Architecture Competition for the creation of a sleeping unit for a

meditation comunity in Portugal.

Honourable mention

Vale de Moses, Portugal
with Nathalie Esposito and Ugo Felici Giunchi

Light of Nature is a project about the relationship between Humans and Nature. How can Man and nature peacefully coexist,or even better learn, increment and help each other?

The proposal brings forward 3 main concepts:
1. Use of local materials and simplicity of construction, which makes the little sleeping pods easy to build with local materials and manpower.
2. Recycle of energies and resources.

3. Exaltation of the experience of being in nature by stimulating sight, hearing, smells but also by playing with thermal comfort.


The project is very clearly characterized by three cuts which are at the same time a visual telescope into the landscape and a soft filter through which the trees can melt with the inside. The longitudinal cut is the main spine of the little pod, connecting all the spaces and passing from dark to light, it connects inside and outside playing with different temperatures, views and ways of relating to nature.