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I am interested in the point of contact of architecture and spirituality in a everyday context. My interest in the creation of space is mainly focused on  four points of research: explore how humans' constructed space can better integrate with nature; explore how space can have an impact on creating a more fair society, based on more solid connection between individuals; explore an integrated approach between art and architecture, which values the role of beauty the perception of space; recognize and study the "Genius Loci" of a place. Architecture should transcend the architect's ego and reconnect with the real interests of its users. 

2021 - 2022_freelance

 House in Hohenschönhausen, Berlin - ongoing project.
Renovation of the attic floor of a family-house..

House in Eldenaer Höfen, Berlin
Interior design concept and furnishing consultation for
the living area of a family-house.


Concéntrico, Spain and Portugal - Open call for the creation of two installations for the Logroño International Festival of Architecture and Design.
Mextròpoli, Mexico - Internetional Architecture Competition for the creation of a temporary Pavilion, for the Mextròpoli Festival of Architecture.
Sleeping Pods on a Cliff, Portugal - Honourable mention - International Architecture Competition for the creation of a sleeping unit.
Poldra, Portugal - Open call for the realization of a site-specific installation in Mata do Fontelo, Viseu.
Fiumara d'arte, Italy - Competition for the realization of an installation in the sculpture park of Fiumara d'arte.

2017_2021_Architect at Kleihues+Kleihues Architekten, Berlin

- Architect in the design team for the development of projects in the work phases 1-5.
- Preparation of design, implementation and approval plans.
- Work with official architectural standards and regulations
- Assistance in the preparation of cost calculations
(cost estimation / cost calculation) with ArchiCad BIM.

- Visualisation of models with CAD programms.
- Assistance in drawing and designing details.


Expansion of the Galeria Kaufhof, Berlin - lp2
Upbeat at Europacity, Berlin - lp2
G5, Office Building in Genestr., Berlin - lp2
Kudamm Karree, Berlin - lp2, lp3, lp4
National Museum, Oslo (by Kleihues + Schuwerk) - lp5

Extension of the Federal Ministry, Berlin - Recognition
G5, Office Building in Genestr., Berlin - I Price
iCampus Rhenania, Munich - II Price
Bismarck quarter, Würzburg
Prinzenhof, Berlin - II Price

2014_2015_Intern at heike hanada_laboratory of art and architecture, Berlin

Bauhaus Museum, Weimar - lp5
- Assistance in the creation of the musterfassade.
- Image creation for the visualisation of the project.


Zweite Hinterrheinbrücke Reichenau, Switzerland.

2017_Master's degree in urban development and architecture, 
110/110 Summa cum laude

Università di Napoli Federico II, Naples, Italy -
in collaboration with Fachhochschule Potsdam, Berlin
Thesis "Kulturforum: an open issue"

International workshop
DEMO:POLIS, The right to the public space
Publication, Park Books
(Park Books, pp.242-245 - ISBN 9788-3-03860-005-3)
and collective exhibition, Akademie der Künste, Berlin

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