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the most infesting species

Open call for the realization of a site-specific installation in Mata do Fontelo, Viseu.

Mata do Fontelo, Viseu, Portugal


The most infesting species is a reflection on the relationship between humans and nature. The project uses the alternation of square and circle as symbols of separation and search for a new wholeness.


If Mata do Fontelo (1) represents for Viseu 'the Natural and Native Space, which allowed for an ecosystem to be developed upon', The most infesting species stands as a symbol of separation from it (2).

A new ecosystem is formed by a structure filled with ivy, one of the few infesting species in the woods and therefore indication of men presence and mutation of nature.

Humans evolved from an initial state of interconnectedness to a one of separation. However, a new attempt at wholeness and contact with our environment is now needed more than ever.

Visitors are invited to enter in the square with bare feet, reconnecting with the soil (3). The reflection of Mata do Fontelo constantly awaits to be reintegrated with ours in a central mirror (4), but also leaves us with a missing piece. Are we actively pursuing this connection?


At the centre of the mirror, a little square stands as indication of a new separation. Where virtuality could be seen as a new way to detach from reality, it can also be used as a powerful instrument to reconnect with it.


The QR code (5) is the access to an online platform, a portal connecting in one place the content coming from qr codes spread all around Mata do Fontelo. Used for informative purposes it should also work as a brainstorming space.

Visitors are invited to answer some questions, leave ideas, work toward a common goal.


How can we reintegrate with nature?