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unequal ground 

Internetional Architecture Competition  for the Mextròpoli Festival 

Mexico City, Mexico
with Cansu Kilciler

Gender equality is a social condition whereby women and men share equal rights and a balance of power, status, opportunities, and rewards (Rolleri, 2012).


When people of different genders do not have fair access to resources and opportunities, they cannot operate in society as equals. This unfair situation creates unbalanced conditions and is the cause of a not functioning mechanism for everybody.


We believe the most effective way to achieve gender equality is to communicate, to share opinions and to learn from each other. Our proposal "unequal ground" represents gender inequality in its unbalanced, uncomfortable phase. The project is a seesaw-like structure that swings up and down between supports of different heights. In this state, one end is always given more chance to go higher, resulting in a ground, which is uncomfortable for every use.

However, by bringing the supports on the same level, the platform becomes safe and is transformed into a forum, where people come together and share opinions. The project aims to generate a discussion about (in)equality in architecture.


Architecture has a long-standing history of being a male-dominated field. Moreover, we all still live in a built environment mainly designed for the needs of an average male. New points of view and perspectives are needed in both architecture and design.

‘Unequal ground’ invites all to talk about it.