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Open call for the creation of two installations for the the Logroño International Festival

Spain and Portugal
with Nathalie Esposito, Ugo Felici Giunchi and Giovanni Coscia

VĬDES is the submission to the call for ideas of Concéntrico 08.

The request for the competition included the creation of an installation that could stand both in Viña Lanciano, Spain and Quinta do Seixo, Portugal


The idea behind the project is to connect two distant places using one single form. Although the two sites of the intervention differ in altitude, landscape and orography, they maintain a strong chromatic similarity. VĬDES ("to observe" in Latin) aims to underline this similarity by isolating colour, extracting it from form.

The project is configured as a large pentagonal wooden portal which, thanks to a large satin surface, isolates the colours and does not allow the perception of the shapes in their natural definition.


The viewer, who looks into the portal of Viña Lanciano, will have a very similar view to the viewers in Quinta do Seixo. 


At night, when all the colours blend into the darkness, the two portals are illuminated and stand out, like two lighthouses in the dark landscape, creating a symbolic connection between the two areas of the project.


Starting from the 244cm x 122cm x 1.8cm poplar panel supplied by Garnica, a 20cm wide element can be produced, forming the basis of a laminate construction.


Connecting two elements together, a thickness of 3.6cm is obtained.


The pentagonal frame of approx. 230cm per side up to a depth of approx. 100cm is formed thanks to an interlocking system.


The two sides of the solid are closed with clear Plexiglas pieces and through film strips with different degrees of opacity a concentric gradation of transparency is built up, reaching  its maximum in the centre of the pentagon.


The base consists of a metal structure, which allows the pentagon to be grounded and stabilized.


The visible part of the steel structure is then covered with mirrored panels so that it disappears from the view and allows the pentagon to stand out visually from the ground.